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Daniel Irvine on building software

Step into the light

20 May 2014

Anyone who’s met me knows that I’m a crazy Irishman with a silly accent.

Now that my home is London, my accent is a common source of entertainment for my (otherwise charming) friends. For example, the way I pronounce the word ‘eight‘ is seemingly hilarious to them and they often try to work the magic number into conversation.

Friend: What time is dinner at on Thursday? Daniel: Eight Friend: fits of laughter

Friend: What size are your feet, Daniel? Daniel: pause while I stare at them dourly Daniel: Eight. Friend: rolling around in fits of laughter

The truly weird thing about this is that the number 8 keeps cropping up in my life. What’s my shoe size? 8. What’s the bus route that goes past my house? 8. (It really is.) How many siblings do I have? 8. (I really do.)  And so the joke never ends.

So it’s not without irony that today I started work as an apprentice craftsman for 8th Light. I’m apprentice #2 in the new London office, which is an incredibly exciting opportunity for me: not only do I get to work there but I’ll be integral to the shaping of the company here in the UK.

8th Light is to the software industry what Cirque du Soleil is to the dance world. The way this company creates software is simply light years ahead of its competitors; its craftsmen work tirelessly to create the world’s most beautiful software. To be part of that is an incredible honour.

As an apprentice my first task is to learn Ruby and Vim in combination. This should be a lot of fun; and fun is something that’s long been missing from my professional life.

8th Light. Yes, the eighth one. I’m sure all my friends are in stitches right about now.

About the author

Daniel Irvine is a software craftsman at 8th Light, based in London. These days he prefers to code in Clojure and Ruby, despite having been a C++ and C# developer for the majority of his career.

For a longer bio please see To contact Daniel, send a tweet to @d_ir or use the comments section below.

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