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Daniel Irvine on building software

Finding humility in success

29 May 2014

My yoga instructor often talks about the emotion that washes over us when we finally master a difficult pose for the first time. She asks that rather than give in to the feeling of pride, we instead focus on being inspired. And conversely when we fail at a pose for the gazillionth time, we should not feel shame but also feel inspiration: inspiration to continue practicing, to continue learning and to always move towards mastery.

Yoga emphasizes the value of self above that of the ego. We should seek humility in all of our achievements.

Achieving success or failure in software development works exactly the same way. Humility is something all craftsmen should possess. No matter what stage we’re at in our career, we should feel inspired to continue learning and inspired to keep improving at our craft.

About the author

Daniel Irvine is a software craftsman at 8th Light, based in London. These days he prefers to code in Clojure and Ruby, despite having been a C++ and C# developer for the majority of his career.

For a longer bio please see To contact Daniel, send a tweet to @d_ir or use the comments section below.

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