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Daniel Irvine on building software

On writing

20 April 2015

When the first round of London craftsman were still fledgling resident apprentices, we wrote blog posts every day. It’s not an easy habit to keep, and sometimes choosing a topic is tricky. Some of us chose a specific time that we would write at each day and even just sticking to that was difficult. But even just one paragraph is better than nothing.

Your writing doesn’t have to be useful to the entire world. Even if it’s only useful to you, it’s still worth doing. The practice of writing each day is invaluable to your future consultant self when your success will be determined by your ability to communicate effectively. Furthermore, a daily blog is a great tool for your mentor and colleagues to see how you’re getting on, which is especially true when they aren’t physically present for a period of time.

I would encourage you to post to your blog as often as possible.

About the author

Daniel Irvine is a software craftsman at 8th Light, based in London. These days he prefers to code in Clojure and Ruby, despite having been a C++ and C# developer for the majority of his career.

For a longer bio please see To contact Daniel, send a tweet to @d_ir or use the comments section below.

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